Monday, December 4, 2006

When the right hurst more then the wrong

Saturday Morning at 5:22 am we were woken up by a phone calling. The caller a out of state friend of mine was calling to tell me to go pick up a friend. S was very upset and talking about killing herself. So we jump in the car and drive over to S's house were we find her out of it but in need of help. The rest of the morning and Afternoon are spent in the ER interview room. They have someone come talk to S and from there deiced to put her on hold for 72 hours. I know this is the right thing for her it just breaks my heart. Holding her and crying yesterday morning was one of the hardest things I have done in my life.

The hospital will not tell me much about her at this point . Every thing is very private with the ward she is in. I know that visiting hours are 4-8 and I'm on the list. So later today I will be heading out to see her. Doing this will take every once of strength I have. Hospitals are not high on my list of visiting places.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

E mail

Some how I got my self on the PETA mailing list. I'm sure this is my fault because I have been know to sign up for things. Granted when I do notice my grave mistake I will fix it. Sadly I haven't done this yet with PETA probably because I am a lazy girl. Or could have something to do with I support some of what they stand for just not all of it. I think the time has come for PETA and I to part way's. They Send out more e mails then I want to read from them.

Sure that makes me sound a little shallow I'm dumping PETA because they want me to be informed.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


6 days and we find out babies gender. This has me thinking so are we ready to be Parents? Yes we still have 4 months to go. Really that fact will not slow down my brain from over thinking. Will I be a good mom? I'm sure all of my What, When and ifs are normal for first timers.

I think the big one right now is When will Brian not have the paniced look on his face?