Thursday, December 31, 2009

The end of 2009

2009 was a great year we welcomed Paul into our family. Here is a list of 110 things I would like to do this year.

1. Plan meals
2. Always shop with a list
3. join a CSA
4. Get Nolan potty trained
5. Enroll Nolan in preschool.Done
6. Plant my garden earlier Done
7. Get a new dresser for my room
8. Hang and put away clothes every day.
9. Get front porch painted
10. Finish paint touch up in the house.
11. clean the ovenDone
12. Put house on the market
13. buy a new bigger house
14. Take time to read.
15. Join a book club
16. learn to knit
17. cut down on my coffee in take
18. have a meatless meal once every week.
19. make a meal in the crock pot once a week.
20. make bread once a week.
21. Do High tea with a friend
22. get mani/pedi once a month
23. Do the shred every week.
24. take walks with the boys weekly
25 take up running
26. go to Jackson bottom teach the boys about birds.
27. go to the library weekly
28. get fitted for a new bra
29 do mommy and me swimming with Paul
30 enroll Nolan in toddler swimming
31. get Ruby groomed
32 brush Ruby weekly
33.Visit the zoo monthly
34. go to a concert
35 have a monthly date night
36. See a play/ musical
37. Volunteer at NW Children's twice a month
38. Find a new church
39. Finish a sew project
40. Learn to dye yarn
41. Visit Sarah in San Fran
42. Ride a street Car
43.Learn to drive a stick
44. Drive a tractor on the 4Th
45. go to the river
46. jump in puddles done
47. Go sledding
48. can green beans
49 make/Can pickles
50 go on a date with my mom
51. Send thank you cards for every gift.
52. shower daily
53. find a job
54. pick berries
55. go hiking
56. Get a bike
57. Go on family rides
58 walk to the store this summer.
59 Ride the Max to the zoo.
60. Ride the Max to my folks house
61. Write a letter
62. Find someone to draw up the tattoo I want
63. Get a massage
64. go on a picnic Done
65 make home made pasta
66. watch a sunrise
67. get pass port
68. Update my resume
69. Catch up on filing at home
70. Get new tires for CRV Done
71. learn to tie a tie
72. Learn to us our DSL not just point and shoot.
73. visit a museum
74. try a new type of food
75. buy a non-traditional colored shoe
76. get a new hand bag
77. Do Make up every day even if not leaving the house.
78. Get dressed every day.
79. Go Camping
80. Visit the Beach monthly this summer.
81. frame some pictures
82. have a family photo done
83. color a strip of hair that is not normal in nature.
84. laugh daily
85. learn to iron
86. get a full size ironing board
87. use my punching bag
88. take a waxing/make up class
89. go to a skincare/make up expo
90. mop weekly
91. dance with the boys daily
92. get new sheets Done
93. Lay under the stars on a warm summer night.
94. Spend a day without electronics (phone, TV, video games, etc)
95. go to a movie by myself
96. Do a puzzle not a kid one.
97. Attend a festival or outdoor event of some sort.
98. host a dinner party
99. Have a girls night out.
100. try a new wine
101. go wine tasting with the in laws
102. have a game night.
103. get a cute hat
104. put the bird feeder back up.
105 plant a sunflower Done
106 my sister flowers just because.
107. blog weekly
108. Buy a green eye shadow Done
109. Visit the Smiths done
110 make a list for 111.