Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I should be sleeping oh well thats what naps are for. Not much is going on with my life. Nolan is in the middle of a growth spurt. This means cranky city for us. Poor little guy and mama.

Brian is about done with summer classes woot. This means I get to have him around for a few weeks. Then it all starts back up just with different days.

I started Christmas Shopping yes I am crazy. After years of customer service I rather dislike the mall. When all the holiday's are here they make me stressed.

My sister is coming home for a visit in the next month. I haven't seen her in a year if not longer. She lives in Alaska long story as to why this is. I am proud of her she is going back to school and raising a daughter on her own.

alright off to bed

here is a open link to a cute Nolan picture. I kind of suck at hmlt if any one wants to make a cheat sheet that would be great.
Good night!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

trying something new

Last night I started reading no cry solution. This made me rethink how Nolan is going down for naps and bed. I have to now retrain both of us not to nurse to sleep. ugh today I have been fighting with him since 11:38 to take a nap ugh. The second thing I have to fix is making sure he sleeps by himself. we have gotten in a habit of sleeping next to me at nap time. Every time he falls asleep and I try to move him he wakes up.
I it will take time but ugh we are having people over tonight and I have so much to do.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Nolan rolled over for the first time this morning. Watching him do this was amazing. I felt this surge of pride and pleasure. Then called Brian to let him know.

Nolan is snoring next to me right now. ahhh cute baby snoring!

Oh I found these snacks that i'm in love with. Called Just tomatoes they are freeze dried veggies and fruit. I joined a coop so I could get some at wholesale. there will be some sent to my sister in Alaska this winter.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


This last week I have been thinking a lot about mental health and happiness.
I really dislike saying this breath here it goes. I need help yes that's right I Sara need help that comes from a pill.
A few years ago I had a break down while at school. We are talking crying ,sweating end of the world panic attack. They even called the EMT to come check me out and called Brian. I was diagnosed as being GAD general anxiety disorder with a side of depression. I worked really hard to get myself healthy with the help of a councilor and pills.
I even went back to school and finished the hours to become a Esthetician.
Granted I didn't finishing getting my hair credits but oh well.This made me feel great to conker my fears and phobias.

Why am I talking about all this because once again I'm in need of a little help. I know this is not some thing I should be embarrassed about. Being at home with a crying baby has made me not so happy. With a little help from someone to talk to along with some chemicals. I will get better this is just a means to an end not the end of the world. This too shall pass and I will get stronger in the end.

I am thankful for the hard times from these we learn and grow.