Sunday, February 24, 2013

Have you heard this story?

Three weeks ago the boys didn't have school. so I planned a fun outing for us to do with a sitter. Sadly the sitter got the flu so it was just me and the boys. I was taking  them to jump on a big giant trampoline. This was going to be so much fun for them and me.
 We talked about it and watched videos about the place. They boys couldn't wait for us to go and have a fun outing. I was looking forward to them burning off some extra energy. 
We get there and get our special socks with grips on them so you don't slide. I wrangle the boys and we put our shoes and coats in the cub's.
P and N are both faster then me so they run out and start jumping.  All is going well and I head out to jump. I fell the first on my first step woops.
This trampoline is very springy no big deal I get up. we are jumping the boys are having a great time. I am having a blast as well. Then all the sudden when I land there is a loud pop and my knee moved. I screamed and fell down the pop sounds gave me a small scare. I try to stand and can't then the tears come.  The worker came over to help me walk off the court. I tried standing and taking a step. My knee moved again in a way it shouldn't have.
More tears and pain well now I'm stuck on the the trampoline court.
 The first worker radios a manager to come out. I chat with them while still trying to keep track of the boys.  At this point it is clear I will not be moving on my own. So they call a ambulance for me.
By this time people are starting to stare at us. In fact I made a new friend about the age of 2 who kept coming up to me. He kept asking me what was wrong why are you crying?
 The first responders aka fire men showed up. They look at my knee and chat with me and strap me to a board. By this time the EMT'S are here and ready to take me to the ER. I am able to get a hold of Brian on the phone. At this point I'm not able to speak with out crying because of pain. So the fire fighter caught to chat with him. We agree on the hospital they are taking me to.
 because I use wit and sarcasm as coping methods. I'm cracking jokes and being a brat on the ride to the ER.
Giving the EMT's crap and just being very sarcastic. I get checked in and am waiting to be seen by a DR. This whole time the ER staff keep telling me they see lots of people from this place. Wow gee thanks for making me feel so much better. I get x rays not a easy thing when you can't stand on both of your feet.  The x ray tech is going on and on about the jumping place.  Brian and the boys get there just as I get back to my room. The dr comes in looks at my films and gives me some pain pills and sends me on my way with a brace.
 A few days later I got a MRI and then got to wait to see the Ortho turns out I tore my ACL. In 17 days I will be having surgery on my knee. These last few weeks have been full of laughs and tears.

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